When you fail at something do you automatically label yourself as a failure? I believe that’s been much of my life’s story. Many years ago, I stopped setting goals for myself because I adopted the attitude of “Why bother when I will just fail?”.  It was as if the word, “FAILURE” was stamped on my forehead and I just needed to accept it.

I delayed pursuing many of my dreams, becoming the person I wanted to be, and experiencing the fulfillment it would bring, because I believed I was less than.

Do you relate? Feeling:

Less than able to follow through with a promise made to God.

Less than competent of learning the knowledge it would take to get the job.

Less than adequate to be skilled enough to make the team.

Less than capable to overcome the hurdles to reach the goal.

Less Than (=) Failure

When we choose not to set goals for ourselves there is no defined path to take. We wander aimlessly seeking our purpose, left feeling alone on the journey. This is not effective, but rather daunting and empty.

My negative self-talks convinced me that I had symptoms of being a failure because I possessed feelings of fear, doubt, and uncertainty. I thought that having these negative emotions defined me.

However, I now know that neither my feelings, failures, nor successes define me. God defines me.

God is aware of our insecurities, what the enemy harasses us with, and the thoughts we think about ourselves. He is the One that picks His daughter up from the ashes and makes something beautiful out of her (Isaiah 61:3).

Even a righteous woman can fall seven times, but she gets back up (Proverbs 24:16a).

The God that began a good work in us is the same God that will complete that work (Philippians 1:6).

So, why bother setting a goal if we anticipate that we will fail?

Because there is a chance that while we are pursuing that goal we just may accomplish something that otherwise would never have been. I would rather gain a little than gain nothing at all.

We are made for much more.

  • We are made to flourish.
  • We are made to have courage.
  • We are made to have abundant joy.
  • We are made to be the daughters of the Most High King!

Friend, it’s time we remove the imprint, “FAILURE,” from our foreheads, and change our attitude.

Let’s use those negative emotions to propel us to strive towards our destiny. Just because we struggle does not mean we are defeated. It means we are aiming to become more and that, my friend, comes with struggles. It’s okay! Get back up! Refresh! Start again! If God is for you who then can be against you (Romans 8:31b)? God is capable to see you through, so press in and press on!