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soak BEFORE you share

I find myself doing something that seems to be a natural response when I learn something new or when I sense a leading from God.  I immediately share it with a family member or friend, post it on Facebook or send a Tweet about it.  I do this because I’m excited, scared, need others opinions (or approval), or just need someone to lean on for support.  While there is wisdom in inviting others to come alongside me, God is teaching me lately the value of “marinating” before sharing. Let me share an analogy that I hope will give a picture of what I am saying.  To marinate something you need a marinade.  When you pour a marinade on a piece meat, the marinade penetrates through and tenderizes it while enhancing the flavor.  It’s a process that takes time… but the value of the wait is incredible!  Think of your “new information” like a piece of meat and God’s Word and your thoughts as a marinade. Just as with a real piece of meat, this new idea needs time to soak in God’s Word so He can “tenderize it” before sharing with others. I know this is a silly analogy but it is how my brain works. 🙂 Marinating allows me time to let new ideas settle in. It provides me time to allow God to penetrate the idea and...

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The Crossroads of Obedience and Disobedience

Do I walk in obedience or disobedience should never really be a question when you’re walking with the Lord.  However, when you are being lead to do something out of your comfort zone, completely out of your box, and it causes anxiety at the thought of it, the question raises its head. I personally desire for this question to never come up because I want to honor God my immediate trust toward Him in everything He calls or leads me to do. I want my response to carry a willingness to yield in full surrender at any cost!  The Lord is worthy of such a response. So when the question comes up… I feel shame.  I am ashamed that I would consider not being obedient in trusting Him for what’s ahead. It’s in the what if’s… I Fear most: What if I make a fool of myself? What if I share too much in my writing and embarrass myself or others? What if no one reads what I write? What if I prove to myself that I can never cross that bridge where He uses my weakness and I don’t gain His strength? What if what I communicate becomes a judgment tool that launches gossip at my expense? What if, what if, what if… The unending barrage of questions can paralyze me and cause me to desire disobedience far...

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Test Post

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Perspective from the stands

Last night was our high school’s final home game of the regular season. The excitement was thick in the nearly packed stands. At the same time the night provided a silent air of sorrowful reflection. As the final home game, it was “Senior Night” where the graduating class (players and Band) were recognized for their accomplishments and applauded in their future aspirations. In the midst of great celebration, there was one special recognition that brought a reverent and reflective silence.  A young girl (one of school’s recent alumna) had lost her fight with cancer.  Her life cut short at such a young age reminded all that we are not promised tomorrow. (James 4:14)  The moment of silence was heavy and everyone stopped to acknowledge her life and to applaud her prolonged fight and resolve to LIVE every day of her life. The game must go on! Boy what a difficult transition! We grieve the loss of life but we must continue to find joy in the life yet to live. Life must go on! This brought to my mind the truth of how as interconnected beings, we as a “body” suffer together.  The principle of 1 Corinthians 12:26 came to mind: “If one member suffers, all the members suffer with it; if one member is honored, all the members rejoice with it.” Our team was not performing as well...

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Exchanging Weakness for Strength

If you are anything like me, then you have an area in your life that you would consider a weakness.  Maybe you are shy and tremble at the thought of meeting someone new. Perhaps you want to “throw up” at the mere thought of public speaking! Maybe you break out in hives or have an anxiety attack when you consider confronting someone for an offense.  Maybe instead of these things, you run to the fridge, turning to food for comfort.  If, by chance, you can relate to any of these things…BE ENCOURAGED, because you are not alone.  Every woman I know has some form of weakness or insecurity that they live with…that WE live with! We beat ourselves up at the recurring drumbeat of the voice of defeat.  You know the voice.  It calls to you, “You will never overcome!  You will always fail! You cannot measure up! Just who do you think you are any way for thinking you could ever…” The voice of defeat comes from “the enemy.” We even KNOW THAT in our mind, but we choose to believe the enemy’s rhetoric because it’s easier than believing the “truth.” In many ways, it is comfortable and feels true because we cannot imagine seeing ourselves differently! When feelings and truth are in conflict, God tells us to choose truth! “Take every thought captive!” He says (2 Corinthians...

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