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At A Loss For Words

I have friends and family members that are struggling. It seems like before they can get through one trial another has encroached. Some of their circumstances are so crazy you can’t make them up if you tried! My flesh rises demanding a resolution because it’s my nature to want to fix things for them. I find it frustrating when there seems to be no way to relieve them from their pain, uncertainty, and anxiety. Sometimes, I’m just at a loss for words. I recognize that when I am in their shoes and the struggles seem to come in waves,...

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Failure Does Not Define Us

  When you fail at something do you automatically label yourself as a failure? I believe that’s been much of my life’s story. Many years ago, I stopped setting goals for myself because I adopted the attitude of “Why bother when I will just fail?”.  It was as if the word, “FAILURE” was stamped on my forehead and I just needed to accept it. I delayed pursuing many of my dreams, becoming the person I wanted to be, and experiencing the fulfillment it would bring, because I believed I was less than. Do you relate? Feeling: Less than able...

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My Longing Heart

  Have you been longing to see someone? I’ve craved to be face-to-face once again with my son and daughter-in-love. The endurance it takes to patiently wait for the reunion is challenging. Since they moved out of state our visits are few throughout the year. Therefore, it’s necessary to guard my heart from becoming depressed and fixated on the life I miss out on, due to the miles that separate us. I covet the phone calls and technology that allows us to see one another. It is sufficient for a while, however, there comes a strong yearning to be...

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The Bench of Comparison is Not Where You Belong

Have you ever imagined what God might want to do with you? I have, but struggled believing He would want to. After all, it’s me. The girl that rebelled against God, sinned to hurt Him, put my fist up to Him in anger, and ran hard to create distance between us. Therefore, part of my past with God caused me to wonder if He would ever want to use me for His glory. My insecurities often caused me to stumble my way to the bench at the sidelines, watching God do with others what I dreamed He might do...

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Trusting The Lord To Have His Way Is Hard

“Have Your way Lord,” were the words I ended my prayer with as I rocked in my white rocking chair under the shade of my front porch. I was struggling with a direction God was leading me to take. I too often wrestle with God’s ways, and it is easy for me to question Him when the path He has for me seems difficult. Saying those four words at the end of my conversation with Him takes trusting Him. Inner peace reigns within my soul when I willingly yield to His ways though. It’s a serenity only the Peace-Giver...

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