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Will You Stoop In Fear or Stand In Faith?

I am not a confrontational girl. When I do encounter a confrontation, I experience a sensation that feels like needles shooting through my body. Because it’s so uncomfortable I tend to avoid it as often as I can. However, when it comes to identifying with Christ in the midst of confrontation, I’m willing to feel like a pin cushion! I enjoy being in conversations learning what others believe. It helps me know where they are coming from and how to pray for them. In turn, I generally receive the opportunity to also share my beliefs. This is a good...

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Releasing Your Family, Friends, and Future

What are your most valued treasures? Can you entrust God with them? Entrusting God with what is precious to us means releasing control. It is saying here you go God. You take care of them because I know that I can trust you no matter what happens. The depths of this kind of trust takes believing God at His word. That He has good plans for us (Jeremiah 29:11). That He can turn all things into good for those who love Him (Romans 8:28). That He is good even when bad things happen (Psalms 136:1). Entrusting God with my...

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I Needed God’s Presence

  Are you in need of God’s presence? I recently needed to sense His presence and hear Him speak before I could move forward. Not audibly, but within my spirit. My husband and I were invited to speak at a marriage retreat located on the beautiful Gulf, and with much prayer and preparation, we were ready. We both were at peace. However, with one doubtful thought, my anxiety encroached on my peace. Have you ever had a peaceful day and were blindsided by a negative thought? It only takes one, doesn’t it? As I stood in my hotel room...

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Getting Your Joy Back

I enjoy going for brisk walks, but lately, I have been making excuses as to why not to. Either it was the weather, not feeling well, or a heap of other circumstances. Looking through my calendar I found that two months had slipped by with no noted walks! The thought of getting back into the swing of things made the joy I once had seem more like an arduous task. Can you relate? Have you lost your joy in doing something you once loved? Perhaps you have lost your joy: Working through a Bible study Attending church Exercising In...

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Be Encouraged With a Word for 2018

  I would like to share with you something that has motivated me and encouraged me over the last couple of years. Several years ago a challenge came out to have a “word” for the year. I thought nothing of it for the longest. However, two years ago the Lord inspired me to test it out. unbeknownst to me, my “word” for the year would be what propelled me to seek God more intimately, dig my heels in deeper, and flourish in my God-given purpose. If you have never asked God for a specific word to cling to for...

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